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 Family Owned and Operated with "Heartfelt Dedication"
                                 MAKING THE HEALTHY CHOICE  FOR YOUR COMPANION 
                                                    AND THE ENVIRONMENT

                                               Serving beautiful Castle Rock Colorado and surrounding areas.  Aspenglow sets the bar that all dogs deserve personalized loving one on one attention, experience peaceful contentment, while enjoy being groomed!  All visits are customized to suit the personal needs of your special companions.

Our full service Pet Salon practices sustainability, while uncompromising when it comes to the use of the finest organic products that are hand crafted with love, promoting health and well being for your companions and our planet!
  Aspenglow comes to you for your total convenience, while your pets enjoy the comforts (never caged) and cleanliness of our fully self contained state of the art mobile van. Our van is equipped with clean fresh warm water, our generator supplies all our electrical needs (no need to use yours).  We are climate controlled with A/C and heat to ensure your pets comfort in Colorado’s weather.
​ We have spared no expense to provide all the comforts that your special friends deserve!  Our salon provides the ultimate relaxation for your pet that is airy and bright with windows they can look out and be reassured they are home. Aromatic essences of lavender relax muscles and spirit, or the aroma of peppermint lifting the spirit and quieting the mind.  Music to soothe and plenty of organic treats that are delicious and rewarding, often hand made with love by us. 

We pride ourselves in the friendships we develop with your companions. Getting to know them as the unique individuals they all are.  It’s our grandest pleasure seeing them as happy to see us, as we are to see them!
          Aspenglow, for your Special Companion! 
If you are seeking a natural approach to Grooming and/or Training,  join us!
The Aspenglow Community!

       We are dedicated to the health and well being of your special friends grooming care, Naturally!

"It’s all about promoting optimal health, wellbeing and total happiness for your dog as a whole."

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. 
   We specialize in Puppy's first groom! 
First impressions are so very important for your puppy!  Kindness- Patience & Love, we take the time to build confidence and trust with your baby!